PD Horizontal Type Coolers


General Specifications

Dry Coolers are designed for use in medium and large capacity process cooling and air conditioning systems.

EN 1048 and the relevant Eurovent standard have been adopted as the basis for calculations of standard catalog capacities. Correction factors given for the calculation of capacity values ​​under different conditions should be used.

Fan sound pressure levels are calculated in accordance with the EN 13487 standard and for a distance of 10 m and the change table given for different distances should be used. High efficiency heat exchangers produced with aluminum fins and copper pipes as standard are designed using a special computer program. The fin pitch of the Dry Coolers is 2.5 mm.

PD-Horizontal Type DRY COOLERS
129 kw - 660 kw Capacity Range
• Horizontal type heat exchanger design, Modular design
• Copper tube aluminum fins heat exchanger
• High air flow axial fan
• Power and control panel in CE standards -2006 / 95 / EC
• Pressure vessels in accordance with directives 97/23 / EC
• Centrifugal water pump Stainless water reserve tank
• Fan speed control, Microprocessor control

• Epoxy coated aluminum fins resistant to corrosive environments
• Stainless cassette, EC fan
• Spraying system
• Self-draining system

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